ISSL Reflections March 31 2024 Mark 16:1–8 – Post 3

VII.Let’s return to this Gospel’s account of the women’s first experience of resurrection. While the Gospel of Mark ends with a lot unsaid about resurrection, what does it say about resurrection? VIII.Mark 16:1-8 (NRSVue) When the Sabbath was over, Mary … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections March 31 2024 Mark 16:1–8 – Post 2

IV.Returning to our focus passage for this week, notice all the words that describe what the women had done, were prepared to do and the emotions provoked by what they found and heard. V.Mark 16:1-8 (NRSVue) When the Sabbath was … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections August 27 2023 1 Corinthians 15:20–28 Post 3

VII.We could make a list of the “facts” Paul calls to the attention of the Christians in Corinth. Well, maybe that would be a good way for us to begin today. What does Paul’s list of “facts” look like? What … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections April 30 2023 Acts 1:1–11 Post 3

VII.As we return to this passage, I invite you to notice Jesus has been with the disciples “during forty days” after the resurrection; he tells them to “wait … for the promise of the Father … the Holy Spirit;” and … Continue reading