ISSL Reflections June 5 2022 Isaiah 47:10–15 Post 3

VII.Two questions for today. What “path” does the prophet send his words describing? Does the prophet give any hope in these words? VIII.Isaiah 47:10-15 (New Revised Standard Version) You felt secure in your wickedness;you said, “No one sees me.”Your wisdom … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections June 5 2022 Isaiah 47:10–15 Post 1

I.With this week’s reflections we begin hearing a number of Scriptures with the overarching theme of “New Creation.” However, these words from Isaiah seem far from sounding a note about “new creation.” Does it strike you that way? This week … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections February 6 2022 2 Samuel 12:1–9, 13–15 Post 2

IV.Let’s continue our focus on David a bit more. V.2 Samuel 12:1-9 (New Revised Standard Version) … and the Lord sent Nathan to David. He came to him, and said to him, “There were two men in a certain city, … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections December 26 2021 Nahum 1:1–3, 6–8, 12–13, 15 Post 1

I.This week we take up part of the “oracle” and “vision” of the Prophet Nahum concerning Nineveh, Judah, and God. Let’s first spend time with the words of Nahum and listen to them without any judgment on our part.  Just … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections May 9, 2021, Isaiah 29:13-24 Post 2

This link will take you to our Scripture focus for the week- IV.I have often become frustrated with Scripture passages like this one and like I see so often in the Psalms. There is some part of me that wants … Continue reading

March 21,2021, 2 Kings 22:14-20 Post 3

You can find this week’s focus Scripture at – And if you want read 2 Kings 23 here is a link – VII. After Josiah had heard the book of the covenant read to him, and after he … Continue reading

March 21,2021, 2 Kings 22:14-20 Post 2

You can find this week’s Scripture passage at – VI.First, let’s reread this week’s Scripture in 2 Kings 22:14-20. Now let’s take a few minutes to read some of 2 Kings 23 and notice what happens when King Josiah’s delegation … Continue reading

November 22, 2020, Acts 4:32-5:11, ISSL Reflections, Post 3

This week’s passage can be reread here –,CEB VII.“… everything was held in common…” Was it? We read how three people “shared” their “possessions.” Notice what we are told about Barnabas, Ananias and Sapphira. What differentiates their “sharing”? From whom … Continue reading