ISSL Reflections August 13 2023 Romans 14:10–23 Post 1

I.Paul asks us to not “pass-judgment on” or “despise” our sisters and brothers. Read over these verses several times and take note of the ways in which we might be “passing-judgment” or “despising” our sisters and brothers. II.Romans 14:10-23 (NRSVue) … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections January 29 2023 Joel 2:21–27 Post 2

IV.As you spend time with this passage today, take notice of all the mentions of what is found in nature. V.Joel 2:21-27 (New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition) Do not fear, O soil;       be glad and rejoice,       for the Lord has done … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections June 5 2022 Isaiah 47:10–15 Post 1

I.With this week’s reflections we begin hearing a number of Scriptures with the overarching theme of “New Creation.” However, these words from Isaiah seem far from sounding a note about “new creation.” Does it strike you that way? This week … Continue reading

ISSL Reflection May 8 2022 Romans 8:18–30 Post 1

I.If you ever came to some portion of Scripture and had a hard time finding something that caught your attention and provoked some questions for you, it would not be these sentences. We have this week some words before us … Continue reading