ISSL Reflections November 19 2023 Colossians 2:16–23 Post 2

IV.As we return to this passage, please notice the last sentence, “These have indeed an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-imposed piety, humility, and severe treatment of the body, but they are of no value in checking self-indulgence.” What does … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections March 12 2023 Matthew 18:1–9 Post 2

IV.As we return to these paragraphs today, take some time to slowly and meditatively read them. Then pause for a moment and rest in that reading and hearing the words of Jesus. Now, let’s reread the first two paragraphs again … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections February 19 2023 James 2:1–12 Post 2

IV.As you meditate on these words of James, notice again the examples he gives of “showing partiality.” See if you can imagine what it looks like for such “partiality” to be exhibited in a Christian fellowship. V.James 2:1-12 (New Revised … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections March 27 2022 Deuteronomy 8:1–11 Post 3

VII.There can be little doubt this passage is about “commandments.” After all, we read, “This entire commandment that I command you today … whether or not you would keep his commandments…. Therefore keep the commandments of the Lord your God … Continue reading

November 8, 2020, John 15:4-17, ISSL Reflections Post 3

You will find this week’s Scripture from New Revised Standard Version, the Common English Bible and The Message here –;CEB;MSG VIII.Let’s follow up on 5 ways we can abide in Jesus. Would you mind if I share a few thoughts … Continue reading

November 1, 2020, John 13:1-15, 34-35 ISSL Reflections Post 2

IV.Read this Scripture passage a few times, taking several minutes between each reading to let the words and images rest in you. What words and images will not let go of your attention? V.John 13:1-15 (NRSV) Now before the festival … Continue reading

November 1, 2020, John 13:1-15, 34-35 ISSL Reflections Post 1

I.We move to the “Upper Room” and the evening and night of the “Last Supper.” Unlike the synoptic gospels’ account of that night, this Gospel does not include the account of the bread and wine but rather Jesus washing the … Continue reading

March 22, 2020, Micah 3:1-3, 9-12; 6:6-8 – Post 2 – ISSL Reflection

IV.Did you make a list of answers to the questions from the last post? I didn’t want to, but I did spend time with the questions. A lot of what Micah names still goes on today it seems. I guess … Continue reading