ISSL Reflections June 13, 2021, Matthew 8:23-27 Post 3

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Disciples are to watch their teacher, their master, and learn from the teacher and follow the teacher. Right?

That’s what we see Jesus’ disciples doing. They follow him into a boat.

And into a storm.

I suspect at least some of the disciples were acquainted with the Sea of Galilee and the storms that could upon one there. We know some of the disciples were fishermen, so they should have had some knowledge of dealing with a boat in stormy conditions.

But here they are and any knowledge of how to handle a boat in a storm seems to be out of their reach at that moment. They believe they might perish.

But they don’t perish.

They found Jesus, who had already shown them what he could accomplish but he was asleep.

Is he unaware of the danger his disciples face? He can’t help them?

They may think that is the case so they wake him and ask him to save them.

And he does.

What do we do when we feel Jesus isn’t near us, or aware of our needs, or doesn’t hear us when we reach out to him?

He characterized his disciples as people of “little faith.”

Does being people of “little faith” mean we need to believe more. Believe more about Jesus and God, or believe more theology or believe “better” somehow in thoughts and images of who God is and who Jesus is?

Or does the kind of faith Jesus has in mind have more to do with relationship and trust?

Maybe it isn’t about us believing more but about a certain kind of trust and confidence that we are cared for and loved. Probably beyond what we can imagine.

What do think the disciples experienced the next time they were in a boat in the middle of a storm? Or for that matter, a stormy day on dry land?

And what of you and me? What will we think and feel the next time we seek Jesus in prayer or otherwise and get the sense he is asleep and we are unheard?

What will our “faith” be like that day?

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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