ISSL Reflections February 7, 2021, John 4:25-42 Post 3

Here is a link to our passage and it’s context –

We find two people where they are not expected to be.

A Jewish man at a well in Samaria.

A Samaritan woman who comes alone to a well at a time of day when one is not expected to draw water from a well.

Yet this is where a grace filled, life impacting, life changing moment happens

It is where water and Spirit can flow fully.

When have you encountered the Spirit when it was unexpected, least expected or even in the “wrong” place for such a Holy moment to happen?

Give you yourself some time today (and maybe for a couple of days) and see what rises up as a time/place you were surprised by God’s presence.

What is it like to be surprised by grace?

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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