December 20, 2020, Matthew 2:1-2, 7-15, ISSL Reflections Post 3

Please take another opportunity to reread this week’s Scripture –;CEB;NET

I closed the other day by asking –
“How do you understand what has led each to where they find themselves here?”

I have been thinking about what led the magi to this place.

I know the short answer is “The Star,” but I wonder if we might notice something more.

We call them magi or “wise men.” In my thinking there were scholars of one of the other people in that part of the world.

While many of us may not think of astrologers as being scholars, probably it was so in that world and that time.

If that is the case, these folk paid a lot of attention to the sky. They were familiar with the stars and planets and their patterns in the sky. They were familiar enough with that to notice when something was different. When something was out of place, something new was in view or something was brighter than was normal.

And that is what leads me to wonder what I pay attention to. And when and if I will notice something new or different or brighter breaking into my normal field of vision.

Do I pay attention? Do I notice what glows brighter today?

Do I just “look” at the goings-on around me or do I pay attention?

I suspect I need to work more at paying attention. Maybe then I will see glimpses of God’s handiwork, I might otherwise look over or look past.

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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