ISSL Reflections July 7 2024 Lamentations 3:16–24 Post 3

VII.Let’s look for words (and images) of hope today. What all goes into the prophet’s affirmation – “… therefore I will hope in him”? VIII.Lamentations 3:16-24 (NRSVue) He has made my teeth grind on gravel;     he has made me cower in … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections January 2 2022 Genesis 4:1–15 Post 3

VII.Today as you spend time with this Scripture passage, pay attention to what strikes you as discouraging and what strikes you as hopeful. VIII.Genesis 4:1-15 (NRSV) Now the man knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, … Continue reading