ISSL Reflections September 12 2021 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 14-19 Post 2

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I recall hearing many years ago that dancing was something “good Christians” did not do. As I recall it might have been mentioned in the same breath as “playing cards” and “going to the movies.”

There can be many “rules” for all the “good Christians.”

What are we to make of David’s “leaping and dancing before the Lord”?

This certainly is an important event for David and the people.

Notice this is “dancing before the Lord.” This gives me the impression the dancing is more than a “happy dance”.” It is dancing in the context of a celebration and especially worship.

Have you ever seen or experienced or been part of “sacred dance” or maybe we can call it “liturgical dance”?

Does that make it “more proper” for worship than just calling it dancing?

What type or types of worship are you most comfortable with?

What seems to you to be the right way to worship?

How do you think you came to your understanding of what the right way to worship is?

What is the right kind of music for worship? What about musical instruments? Piano, organ, praise bands?

And what about your physical posture? Sitting, standing, kneeling, arms raised, being still or moving?

Of the options available to you, with what are you most comfortable?

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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