August 23, 2020 James 3:1-12 Post 2 ISSL Reflections

Take some time to slowly read this week’s Scripture passage. Don’t rush over it. Let the words find a resting place in you and soak them in.

Here is a link to three translations of the passage –,MSG,GNT

As you spend time with the words of James, what caught your attention the most?

Do you think James observed some of the behaviors he writes about in “his” congregation? Among his fellow disciples? Maybe in his own family? Or even in his own behaviors?

Did the passion with which he writes grow out of personal experience?

What about your and my personal experiences?

I can certainly recall times (too many) when my tongue, my speech, my attitude has burned people I care about.

And when I realized the harm I was doing, I often failed to correct it as I should have.

Let’s not think everything James writes about the power of speech is negative. He acknowledges a number of positive and uplifting things we can accomplish with our speech.

How have you used your speech and interactions with others this week to build others up? Who have you noticed this week building others up?

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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