When we fail

“The Jesus Creed is an ideal – an ideal of loving God with everything we’ve got and loving others in a life of service.  The reality is that we don’t always live the Jesus Creed.  It is important, then, to finish 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed on a note of grace.  What happens when we fail to follow the Jesus Creed?  One of the grander flashes of grace in the pages of the Bible is that those who are most often heroized are also painted with realism.  It is this realism that reminds us of the gospel that gives rise to the Jesus Creed.  Each of us who seeks to live the Jesus Creed fails.  The gospel reminds us that our failures are not the final word.  The final word is grace that forgives and restores.” (p 200 – 201)

Do you hear grace is the final word?

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