ISSL Reflections November 19 2023 Colossians 2:16–23 Post 1

I.As we turn to these few sentences to the Epistle to the disciples in Colossae, do you hear Paul tell them, “Do Not submit to regulations.” Take that waring from Paul and listen to him speak of “regulations” that are … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections September 4 2022 Genesis 12:1–5, 7; 15:1–7 Post 3

VII.Did you hear Abram say, “You have given me no offspring, so a slave born in my house is to be my heir.” Why? Where in Abram does such an acquisition arise from? VIII.Genesis 12:1-5 (New Revised Standard Version Updated … Continue reading

ISSL Reflections July 18, 2021, Romans 4:1-12 Post 2

IV.Let’s look again at our focus passage for this week. As you read it think about his intended audience, the community of Christians in Rome, and consider how they might hear this. Romans 4:1-12 What then are we to say … Continue reading

May 24, 2020, Jeremiah 22:1-10 – Post 2 – ISSL Reflections

You can this week’s Scripture here – IV.A couple of things particularly caught my attention this week. In last week’s reading Jeremiah told the King “… deliver from the hand of the oppressor anyone who has been robbed…” (Jeremiah 21:12). … Continue reading

February 9, 2020, Matthew 6:1-8 – Post 2 – ISSL Reflection

IV.Let’s go back to the question from Monday, “… what definition of piety do you come up with?” Does your definition sound like one of these? “the quality of being religious or reverent” “a belief or point of view that … Continue reading