ISSL Reflections May 2, 2021, 1 Kings 22:15-23, 26-28 Post 3

Take some time to refresh this scene –

The image of the 400 or so prophets is still holding my attention.

Especially as I hear King Jehoshaphat ask King Ahab, “Is there no other prophet of the Lord here of whom we may inquire?” (1 Kings 22:7)

And then even as King Ahab protests, we watch Micaiah appear on the scene.

I have to admit this provokes a question for me.

Who do I listen to?

Who do I gather around me to give me advice and direction when important decisions must be made. Or even when “not so important” choices present themselves.

We hear Jehoshaphat tell Ahab, “Inquire first for the word of the Lord.” (1 Kings 22:5)

Certainly that is advice always to be followed.

But even as we might say we are doing that, we probably also seek counsel from those around us we trust.

Who are they?

Do we tend to gather around us those that we know agree with us? Those that have a perspective similar to, if not identical, with our own?

If we do, what is the point in seeking their advice? We, in most all cases, already know what they will say. They likely will say what we want to hear?

Well, maybe that’s just me.

How do we get those folk to come around us, who are so well grounded as disciples of Jesus, that we know we can trust their counsel not just to be an echo of our own mind and wishes?

Can a Micaiah show up for us?

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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