ISSL Reflections February 25 2024 Habakkuk 2:1–5 Post 2

The Prophet stood at his watchpost, he kept watch, “to see what [The Lord] will say … what he will answer…

Then ….

Habakkuk 2:1-5 (NRSVue)

I will stand at my watchpost
and station myself on the rampart;
I will keep watch to see what he will say to me
and what he will answer concerning my complaint.

Then the Lord answered me and said:

Write the vision;
make it plain on tablets,
so that a runner may read it.
For there is still a vision for the appointed time;
it speaks of the end and does not lie.
If it seems to tarry, wait for it;
it will surely come; it will not delay.
Look at the proud!
Their spirit is not right in them,
but the righteous live by their faithfulness.
Moreover, wealth is treacherous;
the arrogant do not endure.
They open their throats wide as Sheol;
like Death they never have enough.
They gather all nations for themselves
and collect all peoples as their own.

The Prophet is convinced his complaint will be answered by The Lord.

But maybe we should take notice of something before the answer.

He models for us a “hopeful” waiting. Not a fearful time of waiting for an “answer.” Not a nervous time of waiting.

Maybe not doubting the reply will come in some form.

How do you wait?

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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