October 18, 2020, Luke 10:25-37, ISSL Reflections Post 2

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I asked the other day that we pay attention to the lawyer/scribe who questions Jesus. Let’s stay with that.

This lawyer/scribe who asks Jesus how to inherit eternal life is directed by Jesus to answer his own question by going to the material on which he is supposed to be an authority.

He does answer from The Law, The Torah, and Jesus says he is right.

The lawyer/scribe pushes the questioning by picking up on the word “neighbor” and wants Jesus to define “neighbor.” This kind of back and forth questioning is not unheard of among rabbis and their students.

What is this exchange about?

The give and take between two teachers/rabbis?

Is it about “academic” questioning and answering? Or something else.

Jesus says, “… do this and you will live.” He was after all asked about how to have eternal life.

After Jesus tells his story and poses a question about the story, he says, “Go and do likewise.”

“… do this … live … go … do likewise….”

What is Jesus after? What do you suppose he wants the lawyer/scribe to know … see … do ?

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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