March 29, 2020, Malachi 2:1-9; 3:5-6 – Post 2 – ISSL Reflections


As Malachi addresses the priests, notice how he describes what is involved in giving “glory to my name.”

“ … that my covenant with Levi may hold.”

The priests are challenged for their failure to both provide instruction to the community as to how to live out the covenant and their own failures to exemplify how a covenant life is lived day to day.


As often happens, we can read such Scripture and be ready to acknowledge our agreement with the prophet that the priests, teachers, leaders, in the community have failed, yet fail ourselves to see how such warnings can apply to how we live out our relationship to God.

Read back over the passage for ways that you are called to give glory to God and how your covenant with God calls you to live each day.


{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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