August 30, 2020, James 3:13-18, 5:7-11, Post3, ISSL Reflections

This week we end for now our time with James.

This might be a good time to review what James had to say –

Scripture for August 2 –,ESV,MSG

Scripture for August 9 –,ESV,MSG

Scripture for August 16 –,CEB,MSG

Scripture for August 23 –,NASB,PHILLIPS

Scripture for August 30 –,MSG,LEB

In one form or another, each week James spoke to us about wisdom or the absence of wisdom.

As you think about this week’s Scripture passage and the passages from previous weeks, does any theme or idea stand you to you as the core of his instruction to us?

Might it be our interaction with others? Might it be how we translate our faith/beliefs/commitments into action? Might it be how we live a life of faithfulness with gentleness and humility?

What did you so clearly here James say to you, that you are ready to act on it?

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi e

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